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GDK Hotel Bojonegoro

Griya Dharma Kusuma is one of the companies owned by local governments. At the beginning Griya Dharma Kusuma only serves as a guesthouse to accommodate the guests of the local government. Griya Dharma Kusuma then got licensed as a hotel for public accommodation and officially opened on December 17, 2005.

Griya Dharma Kusuma is a classy hotel owned by Bojonegoro Government with 3 star hotel qualification.

At the beginning of the opening of Griya Dharma Kusuma functioning only 12 rooms. Their occupancy (occupancy rate) increasing support to develop sustainable management by filling the empty rooms so the number of rooms in Griya Dharma Kusuma to 15 rooms.

The number of hotels that have sprung up causing competition. This is certainly a challenge for the Griya Dharma Kusuma engaged in the hotel industry to survive and update the plan of its competitive strategy. So at the end of 2013 Griya Dharma Kusuma returned for additional rooms built and in 2014 a total room at Griya Dharma Kusuma to 42 rooms, as well as have additional facilities i.e. family karaoke and fitness center.

The Team

the team griya dharma kusuma international hotel in bojonegoro

At Griya Dharma Kusuma, customer service reigns supreme amongst our values as a hotel. The positive attitude of our staff creates a sociable, relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere in the hotel, making all our guests feel at home. We work tirelessly to ensure your stay with us is as polished and flawless as can be.

All of our staff are driven to work at Griya Dharma Kusuma. It is our staff that makes us the success we are, and we hope that this trait is evident from the moment you step through the door. Inspired and invested in making our guests’ stays wonderful as well as creating a terrific place for our staff to work, our staff at Griya Dharma Kusuma are invaluable to us.

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  • Jl. Trunojoyo 2 - 4 Bojonegoro, East Jawa, Indonesia 62111
  • +62353-886100

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